How much would it cost me?

It is totally free. 

Who is this website / apps for ?

There is something for everyone. Males, Females, Trans, Couples - Bi, Gay, Lesbian and Straight.

I am a lesbian and don't want men to see my profile, is it possible ?

Exactly that is what is logic behind this portal, if you are a lesbian or lesbian couple, your profile would only be visible to females who are lesbians and bi and couples with bi or lesbian female.

Can I filter my potential matches ?

Yes of course there is extensive filters available, you can filters profiles based on physical, sexual and other fields profile.

Can I upload private photos and share as needed ?

Yes, you can upload public and private photos. Public photos are visible to every potential match. Private photos would be visible only after you share with the individual. 

I have trouble with my login, what do I do ?

How do I contact Hukup ?

You can use contact us form or email us on help@hukup.net.

Why do I need to clear my cache often?

As we keep on upgrading and updating server scripts to enhance user experience, so to get smooth and fast interface it is advised to clear your browser cache often.

Why Profile Images Appearing Blank On The App Or Hukup Mobile?

This kind of behavior usually happens when internet speed is slow. Please feel free to contact us if you think this is not the case.

How do I change my password? 

How do I update my profile?